It should never take 3 hours for a computer to start....

Quick backstory, my freshman year in college like many other students, I was broke! Not broke broke because my parents did an amazing job with what they had, but the kid was hurting. It didn’t help that I attended THEE Miami University where a large percentage of the student body came from more affluent families so we honestly had different concerns during this transition from high school to the best 4, 5, or 6 years of our lives. One of my biggest worries outside of adjusting to being one of the few black students on campus was simply not having money. As a first generation college student, no one told me how expensive meal plans were, how much it cost to purchase a single book, or how important it was to have a functioning computer (sounds like common sense now). The family desktop that I took from home was literally the worst. I would hit the power button at 8AM before class and it would still be booting when I returned to my room after my 11:50 GEO 101 course.  


Money should be the least of our concerns but unfortunately about two-thirds of all full time college students depend on some type of financial aid. This scholarship is to take a little bit of the burden off of the student and their family by awarding scholarship dollars to a high school student looking to further their education. Of course we don’t have much but we know that there is power in numbers, so we are establishing a pool of donors to contribute. We titled it the “Pay It Forward Community Scholarship” because the basis of the scholarship is giving on both ends. As donors, we are giving our dollars to a deserving student and as students, they must create and implement a service project in their community giving back to those that they share space with.


If you are interested in donating please click the donate tab below! If you have any questions, know of a school that would be willing to push our initiative, or know of a student that could potentially benefit from what we are doing, please send us an email at:

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